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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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reveals moments before the deadly train derailment and the conductor's attorney is mounting a defense. >> and bike to work day in the bay area giving consumers a chance to ditch their cars today. >> a became away, delivering game five win against memphis. now they take the series back to memphis with victory in sight with big time performances for the warriors keep on rolling. >> great news to wake up to. we love it. thanks for joining us on this thursday. >> we have a look at traffic, but, first, meteorologist mike nicco tells us of the rain we are supposed to get. >> wish we had as good a chance as the warriors of winning the series. not 82 weeks of us will have rain, maybe 75 percent or less. the showers march ever so close to the peninsula coast and you can see one to the south with more yellow in it that is a
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lightning bolt. we are seeing a little bit of thunder and that will rotate to monterey and i am looking at 7:00 as the best time for the showers to start coming ashore the we have had lighter showers as you can see from the richmond-san rafael camera on the richmond side so scattered shower is still possible and the heavy showers are after 7:00. those will link are throughout the afternoon and start to taper this evening with temperatures in the mid-50s at the coast and mid-60s inland. with the increases chances for showers later on, perhaps if you can get on the road early? >> despite the rain we have not had any problems with the metering lights are turned on on the bay bridge and traffic is starting to stack up from the east bay for san francisco jam near julian street because of a three car crash in the center divider. we do have a sig-alert and a
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couple of other problems with big events this weekend with the details straight ahead. >> thank you. happening now commuters across the bay area are trading the metal for the pedal in the bike to work day and amy is at the 24th street bart station where a group is gathering. amy? >> this is the dedicated group going the distance and they are headed to silicon valley. those who are landing at facebook say it will be a to hour ride for them and everyone else who is pushing all the way to san jose expect to be on the road for four hours, part trail, part road, an energizing ride and they will all be showering at work. they do hope the 21st annual bike to work day motivates people to get out of their cars. there are many republicans to do so. today of all days of the year, it is a day to celebrate
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bicycling. we encourage everyone to come out if they are not used to commuting because there is a tremendous amount of support and they can learn how wonderful it is and reduce their carbon emission footprints and get exercise and a day to average all of the dedicated bicycle commuters who make bike commuting to work their this energy station was set up on the north end and there are 400 in the nine counties in the bay area and you can get coffee and food and activities throughout the morning, including a pancake breakfast in downtown oakland and the new mayors of oakland and san jose have put in competitive edge to this seeing which city has more people who bike to work today. friendly wagers fan cake breakfast, a lot rones to get out today but be ready, be prepared to see a lot of bikes out today.
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developing news in develop ntsb investigators are on the scene of a deadly amtrak crash will hold a briefing this on, new surveillance video shows the moments before the train derailed between washington and new york. seven were killed. investigators say the train was traveling twice the posted speed limit for that section of traffic and it reached almost 106 miles per hour. the engineer 32-year-old worked for amtrak in bay area before 2011 when caltrain contracted out engineers much the attorney spoke with george stephanopolis on "good morning america" this morning. >> as a result of the concussion he has no recollection of the events. i an told his memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside. >> you can see more of the interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> a new report fines there are
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not enough oakland police officers to deal with the spike in burglars. according to the bay area news group the criminal investigation division is understaffed with only eight detectives responsible for more than 3,300 burglaries. the report finds of the cases assigned, few are ever solved. the mayor schaaf wants to add 40 officers to the force in four years in the budget prepare am. >> a controversial vaccine bill get another go today with the state senate expected to vote on the measure to make it harder for parents to opt out of getting their children vaccinated. our reporter is in the newsroom to explain. >> morning, the bill has made a lot of noise. parents of passionate and showed up if large numbers to sound off for or against it. opponents of mandatory vaccination rally early this week in campbell and they feel senate bill 277 is unfair and parents should have the right do choose what is best.
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they argue that forcing vaccinations will ultimately deny the kids who do not get shot as public education. students without them would have toen home schooled. the bill first came about following a measles outiraqi in california linked to disney land and it would no longer allow school kids to opt out of vaccination and eliminates personal and religious belief exemptions. the authors have amended it. schools do not have to inform families how many kids at the school have been vaccinated. the bill needs to pass through the senate and get approval from the governor brown. kids with health issues could get a medical waiver. they would be the only ones not required to get the vaccinations. thank you. new this morning another name could be joining the race for california's open senate seat congresswoman loretta sanchez will make "significant political announcement," in santa ana after confusion early this week
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when an may leaked saying sanchez is running original to be retracted later. the open seat is currently held by barbara box are would plans to retire next year. the only major name in the race is state attorney kamala harris would launched the campaign last month here in san francisco. >> this morning the warriors leave for memphis with a chance to van to the western conference finals. >> last night they fell behind by 13 points in the first quarter and the warriors made a quick run at the end of the quarter and steph curry hit a three to give the warriors 26-25 lead and then settled down. klay thompson gave them a 24-point lead and in the 4th we spottered the grizrys and cruise to 98-78 win. >> but fans booed when boxer no idea mayweathr showed his face on the video board before the start of the 4th quart other.
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he smiled, stood up and applauded. this is video from when he appeared at the half time show. high bought four court side seats that went for $9,000 each. >> game six is tomorrow night in memphis and we will have coverage from memphis and the bay area and you can watch the game on espn at 6:30 p.m. and a deciding game seven is back at oracle arena on sunday at 12:30 p.m. if necessary. right here on >> we do not think it will be necessary. >> and abc7 is the home for the nba finals with all of the exciting action on june 4. >> keep posting your pictures we will featuring fan picks on air and at #dubson7. we will find your pictures that are posted. >> meteorologist mike nicco was
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moving the drop step move to the basket that was intense. trying to bring the rain. now a look at what is going on. the lower left side of the screen is a storm headed to monterey that could be there in an hour if it homes together. we have rain headed to the peninsula coast and thinking of 7:00 and the best chance for some of the heavier rain and for the rest of us it is moist this morning. hazy from time to time with thunder possible and 63 to 67 and the highest amount of rain in the coast and san francisco and coolest at 55 to 59 and waves of showers and the bay is 60 to 66. >> dublin at caltrain station they are setting up for bike to work today and we are parked and looking across the street so it is definitely a good day to get on the bike with a lot of
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problems. this is san jose northbound highway 87 beyond julian street and you can see a long string of showers moving their way in the northbound direction because of this involving three vehicles, northbound 87 if you have a flight to convince you are met with delays and the sig-alert has canceled westbound 87 at lake view highway early car fire but speeds, still, are slow from 121. >> thank you very much. changing the games for fans looking to score sports tickets that are not easy to come by. >> the start-up looking to become a new favorite and leave mainstays like ticket master in the dust. >> the clock is ticking if tom agreed the quarterback and his chance to fire back about deflate-gate. you are looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is moving right
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>> covering remember yes burlingame, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:15 on the morning news and a look at san francisco
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international airport with the plane taking off and word on delays. when the rain moves in we will see problems. >> government survey put the preliminary damage estimate from riots in baltimore at $9 million. the baltimore orioles say they will reimburse stadium employees for lost wages when a home game against the white sox was closed to the public two weeks ago. they will reimburse for three games relocated because riots that followed the death of freddie gray a black man who died after suffering a severe spinal cord injury after being arrested by police. the deadline for new england patriots' quarterback tom brady to file an appeal for his suspension is today. the san mateo native has until 2:00 p.m. our time to appeal his four game suspense and he is expected to do that. a hearing would be set in 10 days. he was aware that staffers
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intentionally deflated football below league standards. a new espn poll shows 63 percent of americans support the league's decision to suspend him. 85 percent of fans thing other teams do the same kind of thing. >> an app for last minute sport tickets is hoping to give ticket master and stubhub a run for the money and backed by a part owner of the giants and former c.o.o. for yahoo. fortune magazine is reporting they have raised $13 million if funding to for his business much the app lets users purchase tickets from the phone and displaying a bar code for easy swiping. it lets tickets be transferred through a text message or mail. >> ticket master must not like that. >> i know you can buy on your phone with stubhub so we have to investigate which is right for each of us.
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>> we will investigate into the weather and weapon the rain clouds are moving in. >> make sure you swipe the windshield wiper should be pried off the scar and make sure they are pliable and will work because you need them at some time today the it is 6:16 on this thursday morning. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50s and milder when you stepped out with scattered light showers around our neighborhood and the best radar returns, still, offshore and rotating to us and to southern california as we talked about. the trend is still going where the heaviest rain is falling in southern california. notice the winds are coming from south and that is why it is more humid and milder this morning. and even with all of clouds along the peninsula including sfo there are no arrival delays -- well, wait. my computer is open and it just
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turned orange so sfo delays are 39 minutes. >> waves of showers are possible with thunder mid-morning until the afternoon and the chance fades tonight and it will become cooler and in a slight warming trend. trends are below average, mid-to-upper 50s along the coast in san francisco and low-to-mid 50s elsewhere and the yellows and oranges are the heavier storms through the afternoon and notice they are scattered, this is not an all day rain event or a very uniform event by any stretch and overnight we will see clear up north so mid-40s to you and low 50s for the rest of us. here is the first player, an area of conversion where air prices and we see the best radar return and the low has the coldest core or great of the amount of energy although it is stay offshore and tracking to the south it will bring us a chance of a thunderstorm or two. here we are with the scattered
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made of the showers picking up from mid-morning to the mid-afternoon hours and they start to fall apart through the overnight hours. tomorrow afternoon, breezes kick in we will see clearing in the afternoon hours and look at the rainfall amounts they are not uniform, whatever, where you get the heavier rain, quarter to half an inch and the rest of us are .09 oakland in oakland and maybe half an inch around monterey bay. my seven-day forecast shows 50s at the coast 60s around the bay and 70s inland. get used to that starting tomorrow. >> we are traveling along the highways here and this is mobile 360 to 101 we will medicine into the south bay and you can see the traffic is nice and smooth we are going to turn 360 around which turns 180 degree direction and southbound traffic we will swing it around and the mobile 360 camera looking smooth and other parts of bay area you can
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see the san mateo bridge with trafficking and you can see the signs are lit up wanting drivers that on memorial day weekend we are going to have the second of our two full bridge closures and that is all to repave the high-rise that will start on friday and will last through monday morning. we will take you to san francisco are bay to brakiers is sunday so expect major traffic impact south of market and ocean beach. >> thank you, at 6:19. tonight at electric an investigation into a battle between a bay area landlord and tenant is another part the housing crisis you have not seen. a tenant yelling racial slurs at his landlord all caught on camera. >> it is not worth being a land lord if san francisco. we want to live peacefully in our building. >> the tenant rights are they wrong? we investigate tonight at 36.
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>> was this a not to kill certain members of royal family? >> police were tipped off and the palace response to the threat. >> first keeping tabs on your baby, with the help of home wi-fi but could high-tech monitors bring criminals to your doorstep? we partner with "consumer reports" for coverage on protecting privacy. stay tuned.
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so there's always time for healed skin. that's the healing power of vaseline. in seconds. 6:23. a look at the embarcadero and the bay and in the background yerba buena island from the camera. we will have weather moving in the bay area today that could affect the roads this morning. or later today. we will check with mike. >> from baby monitors to the coffeepot, apps keep you connected to everything with a push and swipe of a burt ton. >> but that abscess can put information in the hands of hackers. "7 on your side" has partnered with "consumer reports" for 9 coverage on the newest devices
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and privacy issues. >> morning, we have all heard of smartphones, smart tvs and smart watches, but now, the so-called internet of thing has now included all kind of appliances, that make your life easier but "consumer reports" said some of them can put your privacy at risk. >> brewing coffee from bed adjusting the temperature on your slow cooker are some of things you can do with connected devices and an app on your smartphone or tablet. randy uses her wi-fi connected baby monitor to keep an eye on her son when she is home and even when she is not. >> and i look him with a babysitter i like to know what is going on. >> "consumer reports" said wi-fi monitors and other cameras are the risk for be hacked. "consumer reports" found a website that is dedicated to streaming cameras that are not
6:25 am
password protected. unprotected camera is worse than no camera at all. you need to protect it with a password. that goes for any device that checks personal information. >> this are many devices that collect director personal information and send it over the internet including crock pots and grilling and cooking habits, and activity tracker know how you much knew and know your location using g.p.s. some know when you are home and when you are not. some of this may not seem troubling but a burglar armed with that information could know when you leave the house. >> there is no evidence criminals are using this kind of data yet "consumer reports" said you can reduce the amount of your information that is collected. >> if you do not plan on using the connected feature on a product, buy the non-connected version. or do not set it up on the wi-fi network. remember, if it is not hooked up to a network it is not sending the information to the internet.
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>> "consumer reports" said turn off connected devices when you are not using them. they are sending your data to the internet. >> straight ahead, the news continues with top stories including insult to injury in nepal with the only reporter on the ground there for a look at the new threat facing the region. >> health benefits making the children's drink a staple for some adults. in campbell warriors fever is spreading and we tell you what the theme is doing today as it is ready for the next playoff game tomorrow. >> the blue sky we do not have is going to be great today with scattered light showers so far and most of it above 600' with the heavy showers and thunderstorms rotating to us and an update on wet weather and how
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much to expect after this ♪ ♪
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>> 6:29 open thursday and a look from our camera you can see the clouds above and you can determine that we are going to see some sort of precipitation today. >> thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> the commute could get messy and leyla is watching out for that and meteorologist mike nicco is watching the sky. >> the later i leave the more likely you get wet and the closer you are to the cost the more likely you are to get wet. the measurable rain is above 620' in the another bay hills and the mountains but we have seen the best radar returns along the north bay coast so you will start to get wet weather. our heaviest showers you can see are down to our southwest and rotating to the northeast toward the peninsula coast. showers are going do arrive around 7:00 on 12-hour day planner and we will have waves of showers all day with the possibility of thunder as we head into the afternoon hours and during the evening, they will start to fade away. temperatures are cool today mid-50s at the coast and mid-60s inland. >> thanks mine, having affect in the morning.
6:31 am
>> we have had a fair share of problems but it looks line now we have a few incidents dotting the roadways and here is a nicer spot, san jose 101 in the northbound and southbound direction traffic is running smoothly and northbound traffic headlights pushing to mineta san jose international airport and that is the better way to get to the airport because 87 is jammed. here is a look at the golden gate bridge and the drive is filling upcoming from marin to san francisco and the last weekend of the month that is going to be a terrible drive and plan ahead more details as to why coming up. is it warriors fever, sweeping across the area with only one more needed over the grizzlies for the western conference finals. matt keller is at campbell with what is going on there. matt? >> yes, a lost excitement here, and a lot of warriors fever,
6:32 am
pick a t-shirt, any t-shirt get your gear to show your pride warriors gear is hot. last night it was not different and steph curry was hot. he had three 3s for 18 points and pumped up the crowd. that was the 100 playoff three, the fastest player with that milestone and barnes had a great game with three, three-poi and golden state ran away with this at a 20-minute win 98-78 is the final as warriors take the lead. a big factor was the home crowd. >> the crowd is great. like we stated before best in the nba and man, just best time of year when you are playing the layoffs.
6:33 am
>> here is something you do not see every day barnes had a foot that slipped from him and check out the splits. this was popular on twitter. he had a nice game scoring 14 points. the warriors now head to memphis with the plane leaving this morning the game six is tomorrow and if they win they are headed to the western conference finals and they still have yet to find out would their possible opponent is next round of clippers and the thank you, we will be in memphis for game six tomorrow night with coverage from memphis and the bay area and you can watch that game on espn and if needed game seven is back at oracle arena on sunday at 12:30 p.m. right here. >> and you can get all the action starting june 4 in these
6:34 am
weeks from today. >> keep posting your pictures we are featuring your favorite fan photos on air by using #dubson7. you may see them on the air. >> our other top story this morning, landslides are blocking access to areas hit hard of the by tuesday's 7.3 after shock in nepal. new video in the newsroom shows crews working to demolish damaged buildings and this morning the death toll stands at more than 100. the country's prime minister said residents desperate for stability and shelter with machine soon season about to get underway. >> and no sign of a marine helicopter that disappeared on tuesday while in nepal. sergio quintana joins us on the phone from katmandu. tell us what going on today. >> a lot of what we have focused
6:35 am
on today is the missing helicopter the we have been keeping chose tabs on any kind of progress from the armed services that are here from the united states and also, with the local embassy. usually that is where we get the updates. this is an ongoing search. they took off early this morning and began the seven for the helicopter. we know that there are a number of different countries helping out in in the sent. as far as the ongoing assessment of damage throughout katmandu, we have been seeing that, as well and keep in mind this was an earthquake that rat emed just a couple weeks ago so many buildings and people had to go how can check and see if the building were safe. in the second one, that assessment is ongoing and it is interesting in our hotel you feel uneasygoing through the corridors because there are large cracks through at the love the infrastructure of the
6:36 am
building and we are told that it is being inspected as we are in there. it is a study building so i believe them. the rest of the city they have to go through one building at a time to see how strong they are. there is the ongoing after shocks too, and some not that strong recently but that is something everyone is paying attention to. >> sergio given the fears of the builtings with the cracks and foundational issues, are you seeing more and more tent cities popping up? >> we have seen that almost from the onset as soon as this happened on tuesday and it hasn't really subsided much. that is pretty much the next few days we will see that subside and people feeling safer. >> sergio we look forward to more of the report later today on relief and recovery efforts in nepal need more help now if you
6:37 am
want to donate next knee tall to 9099 to contribute $10. >> develop news, we are learning more of the engineer at controls of deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. we surveillace camera captured the moment before the crash. the train was traveling at 10 miles per hour around a curve when it derailed killing seven people twice the posted speed limit for the area. the engineer brandon bostian has bay area tied loaned to caltrain to operate local trains by amtrak before 2011 and he lived in san francisco at time. his lawyer said he suffered injuries and what no recollection of tuesday's crash. >> constitutes at christopher high school if gilroy wear black to school in memory of four people killed in a car crash the one of the victims, sarah jean williams was a student a senior
6:38 am
at christopher while. police arrested the only survivor 23-year-old anthony imbronone on charges of driving under the law and vehicular manslaughter. a ford mustang went off the road and crash down a ravine on tuesday night and three of the victims were 18. they were women attending three different high schools in gilroy. another victim was 24-year-old man. >> stay tuned.
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>> i am tracking showers and possible thunderstorms 20 miles from half moon bay and 30 miles from san francisco. i think the 7:00 timeframe will be good for the showers to increase across our neighborhood. if you head through the grapevine snow level is down to 5' tonight tonight. we will have a lot of showers across southern california and the bulk of the storm is headed that way with mid-60s and low-to-mid 70s and scattered showers through the central ahead. to lake tahoe we have good snow
6:42 am
for may above 6,000 feet and 3- 6". take the chains. >> indeed. traveling northbound on bow, our driver is telling us we have a 10 miles per hour clip so not fast at all and we were stuck behind tons of vehicles pushing to 280 and 680 split and i will turn 360 around and take 180 view in the southbound direction with tail lights looking great, swinging again around, and we are at a stop. on the maps, i want to talk about this, the accident is cleared, clearing things up on 87 northern, a sky port and all lanes have re-opened. security scare in ireland head of a royal visit and four people have been arrested on terror chances after suspected bomb was found near the border with northern ireland. there is no board on the exact location much the discovery is
6:43 am
five days before the official visit by prince charles and his wife. police declined to say if the couple were the expended target. the palace has not issued a statement. >> doctors decode adhd and what you need to know about what your child could be likely to develop the disorder. >> why mom and dad are chugging a drink known to be popular with kids. >> you can stay in the know with abc7 news now with traffic and weather dug the entire commercial break.
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>> doctors have a new ruling on adhd, with boys defy as likely as girls to develop the disorder. the disorder involves impulsive behavior and difficulty to pay attention. a report fines boys are more subject to it than girls but their odds go up more if they are caucasian and come from low onincome household. >> a report shows that sunscreens do not measure up. "consumer reports" released the sunscreen ranking and found that many fall short. of 34 testified 11, a third did not offer the protections they claim. for example one call said they
6:47 am
had spf of 50 plus but it measured 24. another claimed to be 30 but it was only 14. we posted "consumer reports" topics on wal-mart is working on a rival for am done's prime service. >> adults are chugging a drink made for infants. >> now to the we nasdaq on the money report. >> are you familiar with that lite drink? >> i am and i probably have some in the apartment. the markets are higher today so the dow is up 113 points so a solid start. s&p and the nasdaq are trading in the green with everything up half a percent at the moment. a, workers lawsuit because she was said to disable the g.p.s. on the company phone. the company said they monitored her location 24/7 when she was off duty and made her install the system as a condition of
6:48 am
employment of the when she disabled it she was fired. no comment from the company. >> wal-mart's latest attempt to stay competitive with amazon including taking prime service and making its own version coting $50 a year so that is lower an amazon's $99 a year which has free delivery and it comes with free video and music streaming. the special drink for sick kids has a now new target adult buyers have grown by 60 percent since 2012, making up a third of the pedidia late sales which are driven by social media and a hangover crew and others say a good alternative to soft drinks. :48. thank you. >> thousands are ditching cars and headed to work on would wheels. today is the bike to work day in
6:49 am
the bay area. we will take you outside for a look at the 20th street bart station in san francisco. >> they have set up stations forgiving people drinks and even pancakes in some places and that was frozen like the weather. actually, it is not that cold. >> no. >> it could be the next couple of hours as the rain will start picking up. >> morning, so have the wet weather gear no matter how you are getting to work. here is a look at live doppler hd the radar returns are closer and closer to the coat as we are closer and closer to the 7:00 deadline, so far most of the measurable rain is in the east bay hills and starting to develop in the north bay and the heavier rain as we talked about yesterday will fall around monterey and south where the thunderstorms are offshore right now. we have a mice southern wind but it is light and it is keeping our temperatures five degrees warmer than this time yesterday
6:50 am
and a lot of mid-to-upper 50s and more humid. if you are in the clouds like in mount tamalpais we are seeing measurement from the precipitation at 2,600' and the east bay hills you can see it looks quiet right now with scattered light showers becoming waves of showers and possible thunderstorms from mid-morning into the early evening hours and a chance to fade overnight and cooling tomorrow. the temperatures though we are in the mid-to-upper fists along the coast in san francisco and low-to-mid 60s elsewhere and yellows and oning in the scatter showers and possible thunderstorms, if you are caught under thank you will have a nice downpour. tonight, we dry and a little bit of drizzle hanging out in the higher elevations mid-40s to low 50's and not so mild. our main player right now is the trough of low pressure and behind it the area of low pressure that will bring us a better chance of a thunderstorm as it runs through during the afternoon hours and it still
6:51 am
looks like the bulk of the wet weather will track to the south. at 7:00 watch tore mid-morning through noon into the afternoon hours as the showers and scattered thunderstorms roll law and overnight you can see it is calming down considerably and a dry breeze will kick in and make us partly cloudy. this is not a uniform event but an isolated event so you are showing widely varying rain amounts from .1" to .5" in monterey bay. low 70s inland but temperatures in general are below average. >> we are trying to move through this jam in san jose northbound 101 as we approached tully but there is a reason. look at you will of the brake lights. we are stopped in traffic. i will turn 360 around so we can see what the track behind us looks like, a long string of
6:52 am
cars because of this, the backups be significant because of this crash involving a truck and a prius as we start approaching tully road and to the 280 and 680 explain and then we have more brake lights approaching alum rock and it things out and slows back down. last weekend doyle life is closed starting on thursday may 28 through monday down1 to do the final touches on a couple of tunnels that will connect the presidio with the marina district and the golden gate bridge. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> first looking from our camera at mt. diablo sunrise but there are clouds and rain. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door he are seven things to know. it is the scattered showers that are on the way getting closer to the coast that will overtake our neighborhoods as we head into the mid-morning to early evening hours. you can see the thick clouds just a scattered light shower before we see the intensity and coverage pick up.
6:55 am
this could be thunder at the coast. >> and northbound 101 beyond tully road and 280, can you see how heavy the delays are. 360 was in it but when you are beyond it you are home free. travel on 101 approaching 280 and 680 split is nice and clear. >> new surveillance video released shows the moments before the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. it killed seven people. investigators say the train was traveling at 106 miles per hour twice the allowed speed when it derailed. >> brandon bostian, the engineer behind the controls of the am tram train worked for amtrak contracted to caltrain between 2010 and 2011 and lived in san francisco and trained in oakland. his attorney said his client cannot remember the accident and has not yet talked with investigators. >> the state senate is expected to vote today on a bill to eliminate the personal or religious belief exemption for
6:56 am
childhood vaccination. the bill was amended so schools do not have to notify parents much the rates of inmutation. >> governor will have the first tax cut since taking office five years ago updating the january plan because the state has collected nearly $3.5 billion in surplus. >> seven, the warriors are a victory away from advancing to the finals after winning game five over the grizzlies at oracle arena last night. they lead the series 3-2 and game six is tomorrow in memphis with tip-off at 6:30 on espn our sister network. >> it looks like we have this figured out. >> well fingers crossed here, okay? >> we can do it. stay tuned.
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good morning, america. and tron the tracks. the desperate search for passengers still unaccounted for in that deadly amtrak derailment. and the new evidence uncovered by investigators. >> the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. >> the train going more than twice the speed when it derailed. the abc news exclusive this morning. what the engineer behind the controls of that high-speed train is now saying. new overnight -- dangerous flooding. the south soaked by torrential rain, cars swept away, dozens saved from raging waters, this sinkhole opens up. more severe storms on the way. frightened father. a panicked dad's 911 call after leaving his baby in the car on the way to work. >> i left my 1-year-old baby in my suv by accident this morning. >> the race to save th


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